Port side terminal
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- cargo reception, storage and shipment of crops, oilseeds and refined grain (meal, oilcake, bran, etc.). 
Certified port side “AP-GRUPP” Terminal is situated in Donetskaya oblast’, Mangushskiy rayon, Shirokaya Balka, Gogolya, 18.  The construction of the first line of the Terminal with a storage capacity of 30 000 m3 was finished in 2013.
The Terminal consists of two fully automatic floor storehouses with a capacity of 10 000 m3 each, and two silos with the same capacity. The silos were developed by an American company “GSI”, and they are equipped in a most modern way: there is a system of upper and lower conveyors that gives an opportunity of storing up to 20 000 tons of meal or up to 25 000 tons of crops.
60- and 80-tons electronic scales and some structural characteristics of 4 cargo reception and 5 shipment sites give an opportunity of receiving and shipping motor transport with no size or unloading type limits.
It is also possible to receive and ship tip trucks with side hatches and an option of automatic side unloading. The Terminal’s technological opportunity of cargo reception is no less than 3000 tons per day, with the speed of more than 10 000 tons. The Terminal is under the round-the-clock surveillance.
There is a certified manufacturing technical laboratory at the Terminal. The laboratory has qualified personnel and first-class equipment of such companies as “Rakoraf”, INFRATEC, and Infrascan. In the process of shipping, the company is available to use all existing technological schemes of shipment via the Mariupol seaport, the third (container) area of the port included. 
+380 629 40 33 48
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