Logistics servises
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- xpediting;
- customs formulation;
- certification;
- shipping agency services;
- freighting;
- transshipment of bulk cargo in the seaport.
1. Sea container transportation:

- import;
- transit;
- export.

We work with shipping lines using adequate freight rates and conduct supply on the CIF, CIP, FOB, and Ex-Works conditions. Cargo unloading and its overload into the freight motor transport is being conducted on the territory of the Mariupol, Odessa, and Illichivskiy seaports.
2. Logistics services:

The "AP-GRUPP" company provides a full service package in organisation and delivery of cargoes to the port-side elevator "Shirokaya Balka" with their further shipment, ensures incoming and outgoing cargo certification with the speed of up to 5000 tons per day. 

- customs formulation of cargoes;
- shipping agency services;
- freighting services.
3. Bulk cargoes transshipment at the seaport.

Our company proudly takes place amongst very few Ukrainian companies that provide straight transshipment of vegetable oil using this scheme: "Factory - tank car - port quay - "AP-GRUPP" pump station - shipboard". Such a scheme gives an opportunity to conduct the unloading of vegetable oil produced at Ukrainian factories onto tankers without having to use any thermal power for storing the oil in the seaport. This helps to reduce the expenses while trying to meet the FOB requirements.
During the last 5 years our company has been successfully using this scheme while unloading vegetable oil which is produced by “Satellit” (Mariupol, Noble Agri group). Due to clear communication between our employees and factories’ representatives, Mariupol seaport representatives and forwarding agents, and also due to adequate work organization, the speed of the vegetable oil transshipment can get faster than 120 tons per hour without the usage of the seaport terminal. Thus, the distance between the factory and the seaport pier is more than 35 km.  
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Logistics servises
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