Self-unloading containers
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Transshipment of crops, oils, and refined products (meal, bran, oilcake, etc.) into the vessel’s hold via the Mariupol seaport using the following technological scheme: The “AP-GRUPP” Terminal - self-unloading container - Motor transport - Seaport - Vessel”.
In 2015, aside from the standard ways of agricultural products transshipment using bucket cranes, we, together with the Mariupol seaport, developed and implemented a form of straight transshipment.
This new type of transshipment is a very modern technology that uses special 20-feet containers. These are automatically unloading containers that don’t need any extra assistance from grain-trucks, and they have been completing every single task so far. This technology lets us realise transshipment with the speed of 3000 tons per day and more, and also guarantee the safety of the cargo’s quality and quantity.
It’s also due to this technology that all mechanical and aspirating cargo losses from the very moment of its unloading at the terminal to the moment of its loading into the vessel’s hold don’t exceed 0.2%.
The container’s data was developed by our company’s specialists and patented, and it has proved to be successful while working with crops and oils, and also with their refined products (meal, bran, oilcake, etc.).   
Our company provides a full package of services in shiploads accumulation and dispatching the cargo for export which include:
-reception and unloading at the Terminal (motor transport and trains);
-weighing of motor transport, using the 60- or the 80-tons scales (gross net), and weighing of trains (150-tons scales);
-lab analysis at the reception;
-lab analysis during the unloading;
-active ventilation and storage temperature control;
-delivery to the seaport;
-transshipment via the SE “Mariupol Sea Port”; 
-certification of the shipload (IMO declaration, certificate of non-radioactivity, phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin, cornmeal veterinarian certificate).
+380 629 40 33 48
Self-unloading containers
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